Click To Call Video Lead Generation Demo Dozens of video containers for the videos.

This is an example page with a pattern interrupt video. This type video can be added over any of your existing pages on your existing business website.

  • Video can be set to auto delay the popup. 1 second 10 seconds or?
  • Video can also be set to open anywhere. Lower right to Upper left.
  • Content and color modifications included in $97 a month investment.
  • Click anywhere to close video.

Imagine a pop up video featuring your services that will collect leads automatically 24/7. Watch again? Click here!

Site visitors can fill in the form to get coupons, reports or subscribe to newsletters or even street by street directions from a google map showing location.

Tap the phone icon in upper right to call you if on a mobile device.


Money back guarantee on the month to month lead generating video plan. No leads? No pay!

How much is a lead worth?

Try our ROI calculator.

Only you know the value of your leads and your conversion rate. Monthly lead generating plans start at $97 for licensing . How much is a lead worth to your business. No leads after 30  days?  Guaranteed money back!