Do You Think Getting a Video Like This will help your business?

Why Watch an online video


Data contained in a recent MarketingCharts Debrief on advertising to Baby Boomers suggests that entertainment value is more appealing to youth, while older consumers will be more drawn to the informative side of an ad. Meanwhile, in terms of targeted ads, the STRATA survey finds that younger viewers tend to find them more intrusive than older viewers.

Finally, only about 1 in 6 respondents said they’d be most likely to watch an online video ad if they were a fan or the actor or actress in the video ad. Research continues to show that consumers don’t ascribe a great deal of influence to celebrities.

About the Data: STRATA conducted a national online survey of 675 adults, ages 18 and up, that watch online videos or TV programming online. The survey was conducted from June 19-24, 2014. Fifty-one percent of the survey’s respondents were female, 49% were male.